We have Beautiful looking puppies and hope you enjoy the website.
Why should you buy from Peggy’s Puppies?
We have a Veterinarian who knows not only our dogs, but also the care they are getting.  He will gladly speak to you about our puppies.
We feed food that is high in both protein and fat, and also has Omega’s and vitamins.  These ingredients produce healthy, intelligent puppies.
Our puppies have toys to play with and also comfortable sleeping quarters.
Our puppies are crate trained before leaving, and started in potty training.
Hot muchies are fed each day with milk replace to make sure puppies are getting everything that they need.
We will AVID microchip each puppy for an additional $20.00, if requested . These chips are great for identification for a lost or stolen pet.    Our adult dogs are microchipped.
Music is played 24 hours a day for the puppies. This helps keep them comfortable and content when not being played with.
We are experienced in breeding and raising quality puppies.
Attend at least four -  2 day Seminars per year for education on Breed Standards, Diseases, Vaccinations, Breeding, Artificial Breeding, Socialization of puppies, and Medications.
Have a 2 Year Congenital/Hereditary Health Guarantee Contract.                                 We have references that would gladly email you or speak to you about the service we give and about our business practice.